Big Walnut Longhouse

The Big Walnut Longhouse is a part of the NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® programs, which is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen parent-child relationships in a manner that is based upon Christian ideology.  Our program helps build inter-family, communal, and spiritual relationships through shared, structured activities. We integrate a Native American theme which serves as a common level of interest for parent and child as well as providing an educational tool for the casual introduction to Native American cultures.

The Big Walnut Longhouse, based in Columbus, Ohio, is the local organization that offers the NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® programs. All of the tribes or groups that are created within a geographical area belong to, and are represented by a specific longhouse. The longhouse provides administrative services to the programs and their versions as well as sponsoring events such campouts, Pinewood Derbies, dances, etc.

We have two nations in our Longhouse.  Blacklick Nation consists of four tribes, and is made up of Fathers and Sons.  The Morning Sun Nation consists of four tribes as well, and is made of Fathers and Daughters.  The tribe is the basic program level of the programs activity. A tribe ideally consists of up to eight parents and their children. Tribe members are usually neighbors, friends, classmates, co-workers, or residents of a close geographic area. Each tribe will have a unique name for itself. Tribes meet once a month at a member’s home, on a rotating basis, for structured activities that are planned by the tribe. Meeting activities include an opening and closing ceremony; reports by the children; working on a craft; and sharing a snack.

Please visit the individual tribe pages listed below.  When you register, one of our Nation Elders will contact you and place you in the Tribe that is most convenient to your family.

Blacklick Nation:  Wyandot, Shoshone, Hunting Hills, Yakima

Morning Sun Nation:  Kickapoo, Hopi, Algonquin, Navajo